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Introducing ‘Cleaning InteractiveTM’ – a world first, high-tech, virtual event to boost the cleaning industry

Cleaning InteractiveTM, the cleaning industry’s first high-tech event incorporating visualisation technology, takes place online from 8-9 September 2020.

Created by CBI VR Experiences Limited, sister company of longstanding cleaning industry PR agency Ceris Burns International, it will enable the cleaning industry to safely and effectively engage with valuable new customers whilst showcasing their innovations.

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Can behaviour changes we have made in the pandemic lead to long-term environmental progress?

The importance of protecting our environment is brought into focus this month, with a number of  awareness days including World Environment Day, and World Oceans Day encouraging a call to action, to make a difference. Our changed behaviour during lockdown has led to a number of positive impacts on the environment. Can we continue to do more to protect the environment moving forwards, as lockdown restrictions are eased? Find out more in our latest blog.

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Clear communication to help contain Coronavirus

Coronavirus is dominating headlines worldwide and the scale of its impact is being realised. We are still in a rapidly evolving situation, and any crisis is by definition an unpredictable event, but organisations should take precautions and prepare as far as possible on the impact to people and business. In our latest blog post we outline a checklist of three key considerations.

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Languages matter!

International Mother Language Day was started by UNESCO to celebrate the world’s languages, and encourage people around the world to preserve them, championing the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity.

The theme for this year is ‘languages without borders’, helping to promote peaceful dialogue, social inclusion and cultural ties and to preserve indigenous heritage.

The importance of communication is often overlooked, which can lead to mistranslation and misunderstanding. As international PR experts, we know how vital it is to get your messages right.

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Championing raising the profile of the professional cleaning industry

The professional cleaning sector employs millions of people across Europe and there is a tremendous amount of great work being carried out, and high standards that have previously gone unseen. So how do we live up to the challenge of making sure the industry receives the recognition it rightly deserves, and raise the profile of the professional cleaning industry?

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Don’t waste a word

This month marks World Environment Day and World Oceans Day, two annual, international campaigns raising awareness of resource efficiency and the importance of protecting our planet. Communications encouraging behaviour change need to resonate with individuals in a clear and concise way. If people are to make informed decisions about the materials they use and consume, they must be able to understand those actions and the impact.

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Destination International!

Today’s business is increasingly international in scope and with the right advisers at your side it’s not as daunting or complicated as some people think it is! If you’re unsure whether your company is ready to go international, the reality is you probably already are. Your website and any social media activity you are undertaking means your company is visible for the world to see. So why not make the most of this and raise your profile to relevant audiences through an international PR campaign reaching key target markets?

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A language fit for all

Companies are increasing thinking and acting globally as the internet opens up new marketplaces and supply chains. It’s easy to think that it is a simple matter of getting text translated from English to a foreign language, but there are some traps to watch out for – many of which apply even if you’re writing […]

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