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Rising To The Challenge – Our Year in Review

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s a time to reflect on the past twelve months and what we’ve achieved, and plan ahead for the new year. It’s been yet another challenging time for all businesses, but there have also been successes to celebrate. We share some of the highlights for both Team CBI and the sectors we represent.

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Cultivate, captivate, change: Guide to climate crisis comms

As the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 draws to a close, the commitments that have been made and the key climate agreement ‘Cover Decision’ will require decisive and swift global action. Experts repeatedly indicate that the climate crisis is a far bigger global problem than coronavirus and that it will require decisive measures from us all. So how can we communicate the steps that need to be taken to collectively combat it?

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How to make your video content more vibrant and viral

The pandemic has massively accelerated digital communication, which now plays a part in every aspect of our lives. The level of information we are exposed to has also increased massively. However, according to a Microsoft study, as we spend more time online, our attention span has decreased to around 8 seconds – the same level as a goldfish! All this means content needs to be fresh, useful, short and easily digestible.

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How To Plan For The Unpredictable In 5 Steps

December is #WriteABusinessPlan month, with now traditionally being a time for reviewing goals and preparing for the year ahead.

Since the start of the pandemic, planning and communication has been a central and fundamental pillar of the national and global response. Crises by their nature are unpredictable, but it is best practice for every organisation to have a strategy and protocols in place to meet the range of challenges that follow in their wake. Whether in times of crisis or not, business growth and resilience rely on good planning. Ahead of the new year, take time to evaluate, set fresh goals and look ahead.

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An informed and interactive approach to online communication

During the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses have had to adapt and reconsider how they operate and communicate. World Online Networking Day, on 29 October, celebrates the interaction of business people across the world through online networking. Online communication can help build relationships at a time when face to face networking isn’t possible and create potential opportunities to make sales and source new clients. Read our latest blog post about taking an informed and interactive approach to online communication.

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