Facing the media can be a daunting task. Whether conducting live “on-air” interviews or offering opinion to journalists, it is key to get the tone and content of messaging 100% correct. The impact upon brand reputation and visibility is too important not to.

Ceris Burns International therefore offers extensive media training to ensure you and your team are prepared for every eventuality across print, TV, radio and digital.

Our media training will cover:

  • What to ask before agreeing to an interview or request for comment
  • What journalists want and how they think
  • How to make your viewpoints as clear and engaging as possible
  • Coping with the nerves and pressure of conducting press interviews
  • How to handle difficult questions and topics effectively and to your benefit
  • How to use body language to support your message

Digital Training: further your understanding of innovation

The digital channel is now at the heart of every marketing and PR strategy. The reach it can offer, coupled with the targeting and audience interaction it enables ensures it is a critical element of modern marketing.

Ceris Burns International therefore offers training to individuals and companies keen to further their knowledge of digital communications.

Whether you need to develop your understanding of how to exploit the breadth of the digital environment to maximise the effectiveness of your communications, or simply want to know how best to run an email campaign, we can help.

The full list of our training topics are:

  • Website design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Production of digitally optimised content
  • Social media communication and community management
  • Email campaign management
  • Digital PR
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