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Posted on 17 April 2023 by Ceris Burns

Steps to creating an effective digital PR campaign

Digital PR is now central to any communications plan and is a great way to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and improve your SEO ranking. Essentially it involves creating strong content with a unique hook that journalists and bloggers will be interested in. This could be an article, a blog, a how to guide, white papers, an infographic, survey data, video, or a podcast.

The content is combined with SEO strategy – designed so search engines (like Google or Bing) can easily find it and display it to users in their SERP (Search Engine Results Page), in response to a search query.

As with any communications activity, it’s important to start with your business objectives and understand how your digital PR activity fits in. Audience relevance must be a central consideration when creating your campaigns. Think about what content would be most relevant to the audience you want to attract, and tailor your content for those people and the online channels they use most frequently.

 What are the benefits of digital PR?

When respected sites reference you, people come to see you as a credible source of information – and so do search engines. Gaining quality backlinks from high authority websites tells internet users that you a trusted brand and will see your pages appear higher on search engine rankings.

Strong content will also boost your brand reputation amongst key target audiences and will encourage people to share the information on social media, and visit your website for more information, raising your online profile further.

Tools like Google Analytics will help you keep track of how your campaign is performing and help you identify what works best, to enhance future campaigns.

 Integrate digital PR content into your wider marcomms strategy

Digital PR campaigns can also be integrated into your wider marcomms strategy including social media, website content, paid advertising, content marketing, and traditional PR in printed publications, to amplify the message and to make your campaigns even more effective.

For example, content from articles, survey data, or videos can be repurposed for social media too, to build a more cohesive online identity and support your brand voice and messaging. Press releases and thought leadership articles can be adapted for your website and content marketing too.

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