European Day of Languages – celebrating communication

Today marks European Day of Languages which celebrates linguistic diversity and promotes learning. According to organisers, the Council of Europe, there are over 200 European languages – “an important resource to be recognised, used and cherished.” Their key facts section indicates most of these belong to three broad groups: Germanic, Romance and Slavic.

We’re proud of our foreign language skills, which we put to good use in our European and international PR and communications campaigns. Our multilingual campaigns across Europe cover sectors ranging from cleaning, hygiene and facilities management to environmental, equestrian, healthcare and security.

Publicity can help you make an impression, so partnering with a PR agency that has a proven track record in international markets is crucial. Ceris Burns International has already established relationships, and can advise on the right publications and websites to target with editorial and news that is tailored to fit your overseas audience. We also have extensive experience promoting organisations’ involvement in European trade shows and exhibitions, including arranging meetings with key trade journals and preparing press materials and social media content.

In a previous blog post we highlighted the importance of making sure your message resonates well in a different cultural context. What works in one country may not work in another, so it’s vital to tailor your approach. Ultimately, it is about understanding your target audiences, and finding ways to reach out to them in a relevant way.

The thought of branching out into completely different countries might take many companies out of their comfort zones, but we help make the process an easy, enjoyable and successful one. The same outlets and opportunities exist in most countries across the world – trade magazines, websites, blogs, exhibitions, networking events, etc. – but the key is knowing who they are, and how to communicate with them, and this is where we prove our worth.

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