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Posted on 26 July 2023 by Ceris Burns

Which social media platforms will work for your brand and how to create impact

Which social media platform is best for my business is a question we are regularly asked, and there are an increasing number of options to consider, as well as new features and functionality regularly being added to sites. With Twitter rebranding to X, the introduction of Meta’s Threads app, and TikTok quickly becoming a major player, the landscape is fast-moving.

Being visible online and keeping track of trends is key, but it’s essential to prioritise. By diving head first into every social media channel, you risk becoming Jack of all trades and master of none.

Define your audience and where they search

The starting point, as with any marcomms activity, should be thinking about the audience you are trying to reach, which platforms they are active on, and which they trust most. For example, in its ‘News Consumption In The UK 2022/23’ report, research by Ofcom found that TikTok is now the most used single source of news across all platforms for teenagers in the UK, and its popularity as a source of news for adults is also increasing. However, when considering perceptions of trust, teenagers rated traditional broadcast sources better than their online counterparts. The BBC was trusted by 82% of its teenage users and and ITV1 scores 77% among its users, compared to TikTok at 32%, Instagram at 38%, Facebook at 41% and Snapchat at 31%.

TikTok and Instagram are also increasing in popularity as a new form of search engine for information about everything from which restaurants to eat in, films to watch, accommodation choices, holiday destinations and much more, to get a real sense of what the options are.

However, if you’re looking to target businesses, LinkedIn remains the world’s top professional network, with over 930 million members from 200 countries. The platform provides an ideal medium to nurture and extend connections, showcase your brand and engage with organisations which will have an interest in your services.

Cohesive communications

Another key consideration is making sure your messaging matches up with other marketing activity. There are ways too in which you can make your posts more effective and stand out from the crowd. Here are five top tips:

1) Take the time to consider your brand voice and values before your campaign begins. By having a key strategy from the start, you reduce the risk of sending out mixed messages over different media and will avoid posting simply for the sake of posting. For your social media to work well you should ensure you have a team of people within the company who are actively on board to regularly post and share content to broaden your reach. To ensure cohesiveness, they should have basic training and a company rule set to work to, so posts are in line with your social media strategy.

2) Ensure your posts are informative and they encourage interactivity to engage your followers. Consider including eye-catching images, video content, infographics, and survey polls. Followers will soon get bored if your posts are just advertisements followed by more advertisements. Communication is two-way, so don’t forget to actively engage and interact with your followers too.

3) Link posts to engaging content on your website, such as blogs, but only when relevant. Linking to meaningful information increases the likelihood of this being shared elsewhere, improving SEO and meaning your website will rank more highly for relevant search terms. Another great way to integrate social media with your website is by embedding a live social feed.

4) Use keywords and hashtags relevant to your field in your company profile and social media to ensure you get picked up in searches.

5) Ensure your social media activity is measured and analysed to assess what’s working and what’s not. Which posts gain the most impressions, comments, likes and shares, website visits and enquiries? Consider boosting key posts on LinkedIn to extend their reach amongst your key target audiences.



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