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Posted on 30 November 2022 by Ceris Burns

Time To Be On The Ball With Ethics Challenges

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you’ll be aware of some of the negative publicity that has dogged the World Cup. From dangerous conditions faced by migrant workers who have built the infrastructure, to Qatar’s human rights record, and FIFA’s banning of wearing the “OneLove” rainbow armbands, controversies have overshadowed the tournament.

In response, the president of football’s international governing body, FIFA, Gianni Infantino gave a lengthy news conference in the countdown to the official opening. He said the West should not criticise Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup – adding that European nations should instead apologise for their own histories.


Game changers

In more positive news, Japan’s fans featured in the press, staying behind after their matches to collect rubbish – giving littering the red card! Women will officiate at a men’s World Cup for the first time in Qatar – a positive step for female sporting officials across the globe.


Know the score

There’s no shortage of ethical challenges that face brands. Customers expect them to act responsibly and speak out about challenges – including the environment, climate change, workplace wellbeing, and fair pay – and innovative ways to solve them.

Given the times that we live in (impact of the pandemic, cost-of-living crisis, the rise in fake news, more credence given to social media influencers), there’s an even greater need for organisations to be authentic communicators. It’s vital to demonstrate strong values and act with transparency and accountability.


In a league of your own

Here are three opportunities for you to connect with your audiences on a deeper level:


  1. Stand up for customers and employees in a human and authentic manner

Customers and employees want to see brands championing and speaking out about important issues. Being human to the core is what can help connect brands and their audiences.

  1. Understand your products or service’s environmental and societal impacts

Understanding and communicating your products or services impacts, both short-term and long-term is more vital than ever, to reduce climate risks and show societal benefits.

  1. Have clear values and demonstrate them

Do you have a clear set of company values? Are these clearly communicated to employees? Do these characteristics show up in how you communicate? How do you come across in your content?


A winning strategy

A good PR agency will help you connect with your audiences and understand how to demonstrate an ethical and authentic leadership style. They will make sure that they know your industry inside and out – including all the hot topics and thorny issues – and help to establish you as an authoritative voice that peers, and potential new clients, will listen to.

If you’d like help in clearly communicating your brand’s purpose, then let’s kick off together!


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