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Posted on 10 October 2014 by Ceris Burns

Make a better relationship with your PR agency a priority

Partnering with a PR agency makes great commercial sense for companies and organisations. Feature articles, news stories, speaker opportunities, content marketing  and live events – increases awareness and can help to boost sales. And it’s easy to get the best out of your relationship by setting a few common sense priorities.It's all about relationshipsTime is at a premium for anyone wanting to grow their business, and that’s why you have hired PR experts to run the communications side for you. To make the best use of their time and yours, it’s wise to establish some protocols and processes from the start. The most important priorities are how and when materials are approved, and the required frequency of evaluation reporting to keep your campaign on track. By planning in advance, and being clear about deadlines, activities will be manageable and surprises will be kept to a minimum!

Even though your PR agency may not be based at your offices, treat them as a ‘virtual’ team. Maintaining the information flow can be as easy as ensuring you copy your agency in on emails to do with company strategy, planned exhibitions, or product developments. Keep them in the loop and you will achieve the best results for the least amount of effort!

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