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Posted on 23 December 2022 by Ceris Burns

Looking Ahead To 2023: Your Time To Shine

Clear, impactful communications have never been more important, thanks to a series of overlapping challenges, including the ongoing impact of the pandemic, rising energy costs and climate change.

PR and communications play a vital role in helping to engage audiences, providing invaluable insight on how we can combat these challenges and celebrate successes. Positive messages help to promote the advances being made in products and services designed to overcome these major hurdles. So, looking ahead to 2023, what are the best ways to engage with audiences that may have message fatigue?

We outline five formulas for success:

  • Be authentic

In an increasingly competitive market, your personality needs to shine. Keep content exciting and impactful. The people you want to influence, buy on trust and relationships. Think about the brand message and values that you want to convey, who your audience is, what content is valuable to them and how they want to receive it.

  • Embrace digital

The growth in digital is set to continue. Optimising your website and content for search engines will improve the ranking of your site, helping you reach people interested in what you have to offer.

Videos and podcasts are compelling ways for people to find out more about you. We’ve supported a number of our clients, including the National Carpet Cleaning Association with a series of ‘talking head’ videos, sharing best practice advice. Digital can help businesses to market themselves in more unusual and captivating ways. For instance, drone footage can help show the size and scale of large and complex operations.

  • Meet and greet

We all know that customers buy smart strategy and great work founded on logical insight, but they also buy into people. Networking at industry events helps make connections and provides fresh insights.

  • Award winning activity

Awards are a great way to celebrate success and raise your profile. We’re proud to help clients write winning entries and we are also delighted to support and sponsor industry events, including the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards.

  • Destination international

Today’s business is increasingly global in scope and with the right advisers at your side, if you’re targeting international markets, it’s not as daunting or complicated as it may seem! Your website, and any digital activity you are undertaking, means your company is visible for the world to see. So why not make the most of this and raise your profile to relevant audiences through an international PR campaign?

 Connect and inspire

It’s more important than ever to strengthen our connections and overcome challenges. At Ceris Burns International, we are experts at building a company’s reputation and sharing stories that can genuinely inspire through multiple channels, from digital and social media to traditional print media.

If you would like support showcasing your achievements, please contact the team at Ceris Burns International today.

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