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Posted on 24 May 2024 by Ceris Burns

Key Communication Takeaways As Election Fever Rises

With Rishi Sunak’s sudden announcement of a general election on 4 July, campaigning has begun in earnest, with the political candidates needing to create compelling messages that resonate with voters. So who will have the winning formula?

As election fever intensifies, businesses can gain valuable insights and dos and don’ts from the communication strategies adopted, with much from which to take note. For instance, strong leadership, appealing to different generations, building trust, transparency, and clear communication are equally crucial in the business world.

Sunak vs Starmer – the battle of brand personalities

A lot will depend on the contrasting ‘brand’ personalities of the leaders of the two main political parties, Rishi Sunak, and Sir Keir Starmer. As well as being won on the policies being put forward, this election will also be shaped by their personal brand showdown.

Setting out a clear proposition and purpose that differentiates them from the competition is important. Sunak’s key message is on delivering ‘a secure future.’ His election announcement focused on signs of economic recovery and his track record as Chancellor and PM during a time of global crisis. In contrast, Starmer hopes his central slogans of ‘change’ and ‘stop the chaos’ will chime.

Connecting with diverse audiences

Engaging with younger audiences, many of whom are disillusioned with politics, will be vital. Leaders will need to focus on issues that are important to them, including climate change, education, and student debt, and show how policies will impact their future. Engagement on popular social media and digital platforms should also be a focus.

As the leaders make their shuttle stop campaign tour around the UK, doing their research and knowing their audiences is essential, so that awkward gaffes are avoided.

Campaigns will need to capture voters’ attention alongside major events including Euro 2024, Wimbledon, and summer music festivals, plus the school holidays in some areas.

Building trust

The UK general election will be fought against a background of very low trust in politicians and leaders must shift that dial. In the run up to the election, there will be even more focus on fact-checking, with speeches dissected by the media for their accuracy. Monitoring and managing online presence and information will be crucial, with concerns about disinformation, fake news and the impact of AI on campaigning. Additionally, politicians must take steps not to over promise or make unrealistic claims if they are to gain public trust.

Whoever wins over the voters on 4 July, continued communication after the election, sticking to pledges and developing strategies to keep people engaged will be just as significant.

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