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Posted on 5 January 2015 by Ceris Burns

Is 2015 your award winning year? – The five C’s why you must be in it whether you win it or not

With so many highly contested annual award schemes designed to reward best practice and innovation, there’s always a lot of debate on their value. Of course it’s great to be recognised by your peers, but the benefits of submitting awards goes much deeper for winners and entrants alike.

The five C's why you must be in it whether you win it or not
The five C’s why you must be in it whether you win it or not

Here we share our reasons why awards are so important to your organisation and industry which, like the name of our company, coincidentally all start with the letter c:

Confidence – Submitting an award entry shows confidence in your work, but also builds conviction in your work. Taking the time and investment to submit an entry is saying that you believe in your work and your employees and their ability and are ready to test it against that of your peers.

Credibility – When you compete for an award, it is an opportunity to put your work before a reputable panel of experts who will judge that work against established standards of excellence. Entering an award adds credibility, winning the award establishes credibility.

Conversation – Awards generate buzz for all those involved. Press releases, media coverage, internet and blog mentions, social networking comments, and more – the recognition goes far and can put all entrants instantly in the spotlight. The buzz is a big plus not just for the finalists and winners, but also for your clients, the organisers, sponsors and partners.

Community – Awards are a meeting place, a focal point that draws the attention of those most interested and involved in your industry or profession. They are an opportunity to engage with your professional community to discuss industry topics and controversies, standards or discover trends and can also provide an opportunity for business partnerships to take place. Awards tend to involve the elite and the experts and are a place to learn, to network and to enhance professionalism.

Collateral – Even if you don’t win the award, the content gathered can be put to good use elsewhere, for instance for website copy or testimonials, in company brochures and case studies. Providing answers means looking at your business with a different perspective. This may mean that you realise there are gaps in the way you do things, and prompt you to put in place improvements. It will force you to re-examine things you have done well, and things that have not worked out which will help you plan better for the future.

We appreciate that busy organisations can struggle to find the time to produce entries with the wow factor. If you would like support with award entries, our cost-effective award entry writing service includes gathering testimonials, presenting data and adding flair to your submission.

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