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Posted on 31 May 2023 by Ceris Burns

How to make connections and build credibility in a changing marketplace

The professional cleaning industry is going through a period of significant development. Having gained widespread recognition for its vital role in protecting people and places, efforts are ongoing to continue to raise standards and to reinforce that it is a highly skilled sector. So how can businesses ensure they continue to resonate and build credibility in this changing marketplace?

The team at Ceris Burns International are experts at raising an organisation’s reputation, based on a three-step approach:

1) Finding your voice

Firstly, we help you to build a distinct and trusted profile. People want to interact with brands that stand for something and have their purpose front and centre. This means that, to stand out from the crowd, your brand needs to have a clear identity.

We work with organisations to help shape their unique brand ‘voice.’ Brand voice is the overall personality of your business, showing your unique perspective and the values you stand for. For example one of our company values is to be bold, so we ensure this comes across in all communications. Brand voice is an important tool to help people understand who you are, what you do and why you do it.

2) Tailor your messages

Secondly, the messages you use when communicating with target audiences should match the type of brand identity you want to convey. The more consistent you are in your messaging, the more likely it is that people will understand what makes you special.

Having a genuine understanding of your audiences – what they read, what they search for online, who influences them, where they are active on social media, and their needs and desires, make it so much easier to communicate with them effectively. We take time to ensure your messaging is right, telling stories that genuinely inspire and build credibility.

3) Select the right communication tools for you

 Thirdly, it’s important to use the right tactics to reach your audiences in an engaging way. There are multiple ways to reach people, from digital communications, social media, to traditional print media, corporate communications, events and much more. For example:

  • Digital success

Optimising web content for search engines will improve the ranking of your site, helping you reach people interested in what you have to offer. Digital can also help you market your business in more creative and captivating ways. For example, through social media, videos, blogs, podcasts, infographics, drone footage and more.

  • Media relations

We help companies share their success stories in printed publications, online and broadcast media– whether that be announcing new products and services, significant contract wins or sharing case studies that highlight best practice. Providing comment on big themes such as sustainability and innovation show that this is a highly professional sector, with experts who can provide fantastic insight into the industry.

  • Meet and greet

Face-to-face interaction remains an important way to reach people. Attending networking events, participating in industry debates, taking part in exhibitions, or giving presentations at conferences are all highly effective and valuable ways to raise your company’s profile.

  • Award winning activity

Awards are a fantastic way to celebrate success and build reputation. We’re proud to help clients write winning entries and we are also delighted to regularly support and sponsor industry events, including this year’s European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards.

  • Destination international

Today’s business is increasingly global in scope and with the right advisers at your side, if you’re targeting international markets, it’s not as daunting or complicated as it may seem!

Taking an approach that works

Choosing the right approach comes back to understanding your objectives and what you need to achieve. We put our heart and soul into helping you build your brand, creating authentic content with your intended audience in mind.

To find out how we can help you tell your story, contact the team at Ceris Burns International on +44 (0) 330 004 0844, email info@cbipr.com  www.cbipr.com

 This blog is an adaption from content that was recently published in the ‘Future of Cleaning’ guide from Cleaning Matters.

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