Happy customers make good copy!

They say that a picture paints a thousand words – but a testimonial or case study from a happy client can do much the same, and bring even more added value in terms of credibility and increased interest from potential new customers.

When we’re looking to invest in a new product or service, the opinion of someone we trust is one of the most powerful things that can persuade us to make a purchase.

The unsolicited review has become part and parcel of our lives. Many online retailers offer customers the chance to post their thoughts on purchases, and rate their experience of the service, in reviews that are free for all to see. The fact that no-one is compelled to take time out of their lives to write these reviews adds to their worth, meaning that they were suitably impressed and satisfied – or not, as the case may be – to make the effort and post their thoughts.

We also put faith in the opinions of our friends, families and colleagues. How many of us will seek the views of those we trust, enabling us to make an informed decision when making a significant purchase?

It’s the same when it comes to promoting companies. A case study, detailing how your products or services were used by a client, and the positive difference it made to them, is worth a huge amount in PR terms. People know that companies do not endorse others unless they secured some real value from the relationship or purchase, and this is immensely attractive to potential new customers, who can see how your company makes a difference in real, practical terms.

Hearing about someone’s direct experience of a product or service will always grab the attention and interest of the reader – so that’s why case studies are so important in successful PR campaigns.

Gaining written permission to use your client’s words of endorsement in brochures, press releases, articles, on your website and social, in emails or podcasts, will not only promote your company and its excellent products and services, it will also give publicity to your client too. Perhaps they could feature the case study in their own newsletter or website – boosting your brand and your SEO into the bargain!

CBI has produced many case studies for clients over the years – to find out how we could do this for you, contact us on 01825 729 941 or email info@cbipr.com