Giving something back

As one of our final activities to celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year, we’ve teamed up with the Donor Family Network to provide them with some PR support in their drive to encourage people to sign the Organ Donor Register.

Donor Family NetworkWith so many good causes out there, it can be difficult to know who to support. However, when we met representatives of the Donor Family Network while we were working at RWM17 we knew there was a strong link to two of our specialist sectors, resource management and healthcare. That’s because the network’s members see organ donation as the ‘ultimate in recycling’ and receiving a donated organ can be life-changing.

Members of the Donor Family Network have all lost loved ones, but agreed to donate their organs to help save other people’s lives and they’d like to see more families doing the same if the worst should happen.

Both the Conservative and Labour parties pledged at their respective party conferences to change the organ donation process to ‘opt out’ rather than the current ‘opt in’ system. This certainly helps to raise awareness of organ donation, but it does not mean the issue is resolved.

We’re therefore working with the media and our other contacts in the resource management industry to promote organ donation and the importance of letting people know your wishes on the subject. Losing a loved one is a tragedy, but knowing that you are fulfilling their wishes by donating their organs can provide some comfort.

Donated organs can help transform the lives of up to nine people, so we know a campaign like this can have a wide-ranging impact and invite you to join the register too – whatever industry you work in!

Please join the Organ Donor Register – it takes less than two minutes, just make sure you share your wishes with others.