Five New Year’s Resolutions To Enhance Your Company Reputation

At this time each year, organisations are making a fresh start and producing new plans to ensure they have a successful year. Creating a positive impression is essential to enhance the reputation of your brand and business and showcase your company’s strengths, to help you stand out from the competition.

Whether you’re looking to build awareness, launch a new product or service, take your brand global, or position your company as a thought leader, we’re here to help you reach your goals for 2020.

Here are our top five resolutions you should considering implementing this year, to enhance your reputation.

  • Share success stories

Companies must share their success stories – whether that be showcasing innovative products and services, announcing significant contract wins or case studies that highlight best practice.

Getting high quality, targeted press coverage in the media, helps to position you among your peers, competitors and customers (both potential and existing) allowing you to reach out to your target audience effectively.

  • Be a thought leader

 A good PR agency will help to establish you as an authoritative voice that peers, and potential new clients, will listen to. Being a ‘thought leader’ in your chosen subject or industry will bring many benefits to your business. It shows a commitment to improving standards, which will impress your target audience and inspire them to look to you for further pointers and advice. It also reflects well with clients, both new and established, who will feel reassured that their chosen supplier or business partner knows what they are talking about, and is a truly influential figure in their industry. Whether talking about the living wage, health and safety issues, or sustainability, there are many opportunities to comment.

  • Succeed socially

Companies looking to raise their profile need to know how social media can work for them. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn provide opportunities to communicate interesting, informative content, and to expand your network of contacts.

Campaigns should mirror any strategic element of PR and marketing communications. Key areas for consideration include setting objectives, aligning your aims against long and short-term business goals, understanding your audience and making sure your content is relevant and engaging. By having clear goals from the start, you reduce the risk of sending out mixed messages.

  • Reward with awards

Awards exist for practically every sector and area of business nowadays, and we can help you identify the best ones as well as helping you to produce eye-catching entries. There are many benefits to entering. Of course, it’s fantastic if you’re a winner on the day, but the advantages from submitting an award go much deeper for winners and entrants alike. They generate buzz for all those involved – from social media to publicity in trade press, gathering of client testimonials and much more.

Your entry involves analysing and explaining what you do, which in addition to highlighting successes, can also help you identify areas for improvement. Even if you don’t win the award, the content gathered can be put to good use elsewhere, for instance for website copy or testimonials, in company brochures and case studies.

  • Speak out for success

 If you want to heighten your company’s profile, carefully selected speaking opportunities should form part of your wider communications campaign. Roundtables, seminars or presentations at trade shows are a powerful way to communicate directly with your target audience, giving you the invaluable opportunity to speak to them face-to-face.

We can play a key role in this, by researching relevant speaker opportunities and pitching ideas to event organisers. We can also help you write a meaningful presentation that will win your target audience’s hearts and minds – and help achieve your company’s aims and ambitions.

Implementing the above resolutions will help to enhance your reputation and ensure you have a sparkling and successful year ahead!


For more information about how we can support your goals for 2020, please get in touch!