Entering awards is nice – and you’re a winner whether you take the top prize or not!

We are proud to sponsor the ‘Recycling Business of the Year’ category in this year’s Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management’


The awards, organised by the Environment Media Group, recognise the innovative and positive work being done in the UK to increase recycling and improve our resource efficiency.


Awards exist for practically every sector and area of business nowadays, but there are many benefits to entering. Of course it’s fantastic if you’re a winner on the day, but the advantages from submitting an award go much deeper for winners and entrants alike. Here’s why we think awards are so nice for businesses:



Awards are a great opportunity to meet people interested and involved in your industry. They are an opportunity to engage with your professional community and can also provide an opportunity for business partnerships to be built. They are also a place to learn, to share best practice and to enhance professionalism.



Awards are a great way to recognise the achievements of your employees. Winning will help boost morale and improve motivation, as it acknowledges their hard work and contribution to your organisation’s success. Making the shortlist is also a seal of approval, from a respected third party, which will help your brand stand out from the crowd. When meeting with clients or suppliers use this recognition as part of your pitch, outlining the reasons you were nominated.



Awards generate buzz for all those involved – from social media to publicity in trade press, video content, client testimonials and much more. The recognition goes far and can put all entrants instantly in the spotlight. The buzz is a big plus not just for the finalists and winners, but also for your guests, the organisers, sponsors and partners.



Providing answers to the judges’ criteria means looking at your business with a fresh perspective. Your entry involves analysing and explaining what you do, which in addition to highlighting successes, can also help you identify areas for improvement. Even if you don’t win the award, the content gathered can be put to good use elsewhere, for instance for website copy or testimonials, in company brochures and case studies.


The deadline to enter the Awards for Excellence is 14 March, so don’t delay – share your recycling successes by submitting your entry here www.awardsforexcellence.co.uk/submit-new-entry/

We look forward to seeing you at the awards!