A new perspective

Disturbing news from the world of astrophysics reached the mainstream media some weeks ago, with the potential to turn our perspective of the universe on its head. Try not to panic, but apparently, the universe might just be one enormous hologram and everything we think is real is in fact just an elaborate illusion with no actual depth to it at all.

Corporate CommunicationsStill, on the bright side it puts a bad day into perspective, and is undeniably a fresh way of thinking about the world around us; albeit a mind-bogglingly complicated one. Similarly complicated can be the world of corporate communications, and that was said with very little sense of overstatement.

Companies can get so wrapped up in their own marketing speak that they can forget what their corporate communications programme is for in the first place, and end up producing endless impenetrable waffle that sits unread in inboxes, and unclicked on websites.

Connecting stakeholders

Sharing company news, views and milestones internally as well as externally can be a great way of making all staff and stakeholders feel connected, but clarity, brevity and engagement are key. Here are five tips for a new perspective:

  • Don’t forget, corporate communications is not just about broadcasting your own news. Engaging with your audiences – whether investors, customers or staff – is vital to ensuring you are meeting their needs and understanding what is happening outside your ‘corporate bubble’.
  • Encourage questions, feedback and engagement wherever possible. Corporate communications work both ways, and the channel must always be open to help foster a culture of team work and innovation. Always respond to queries, and internally offer confidential connections with HR departments if needed.
  • All businesses are people. Remember that the moment you start talking about a corporation as if it were some kind of omnipotent entity with its own cold, soulless strategy, you are severing the connection between a business and the people who are responsible for making that business a success.
  • Change requires leadership, empathy and honestly. There will always be a rumour mill, but effective corporate communication that addresses any concerns head-on rather than avoiding them can help avoid undue tension in the workplace.
  • Take a campaign approach to key internal messages – welcoming a new team? Use a combination of mail-shots, e-newsletters, company screen savers, web infographics & physical posters released over a set timescale to get attention. There are a huge number of tools at your fingertips, so embrace all channels and technologies, and don’t be boring.

Corporate communications shouldn’t be an elaborate illusion constructed to hide from reality. Inviting staff to engage and offer feedback on your company’s strategy can uncover hidden gems that can shape your business from a fresh perspective, as well as reveal truths from the front line that management need to hear.