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Posted on 10 October 2023 by Ceris Burns

5 top tips for effective PR in the digital age

Public relations is a vital part of your marketing communications, but how do you manage effective B2B PR campaigns in today’s digital world? That’s a question we address in episode 2 of our new podcast series, the Marcomms Heart to Heart, where we share practical tips and advice on this and much more.

The way we communicate is constantly changing, with much greater focus now on digital and social media. However, there are many ways to share information, from digital communications, social media, to media relations – covering printed publications and online, corporate and internal communications, events and more. So, which are the best fit channels of communication and activities for your business and how can you best measure this?

We discuss these issues in ‘PR in the digital age’, a fascinating must-hear episode that reveals the inner workings of PR campaigns from the perspective of sales and marketing experts. Jeremy Rossall, Head of Marketing at Brightwell and Paul Beddows, Sales Director for Dawsongroup emc, share their first-hand experience about why they use PR in the UK and overseas, their choice of channels, why getting internal buy in is crucial, and what they do in terms of campaign measurement.

Here’s five top tips we discussed in this episode:

1) Consistency of message across all channels is essential
An integrated campaign is essential in today’s environment. There are so many ways to access information using multiple channels to reach the widest possible audience. The challenge is making sure that the message remains consistent.

2) Ensure alignment in your organisation, particularly for international activity
You need alignment across the organisation to appreciate the benefits and objectives of any PR activity. This is particularly important when it comes to overseas efforts, where local knowledge is a critical contribution to cohesive content.

3) Accessing specialist PR support provides big benefits
To give your business the best possible chance of success and provide a valuable service to your existing customers, your known market and tap into new areas, you should engage with PR specialists. You can’t expect your salespeople to do everything, and sales and marketing are two different specialisms.

4) Internal communication is just as vital as external
Your communication internally almost has to be twice as good as your external relations, to make sure everybody’s pointing in the right direction and all heading towards the same end goal.

5) Your website is at the core of your marketing success
Your website enables prospects and existing customers to easily find information, discover more about your company culture, and find out what your biggest points of differentiation are from other companies.

You can hear more of Jeremy and Paul’s insights on effective PR in the digital age by listening to episode 2 of our new podcast series, The Marcomms Heart To Heart at www.marcommshearttoheart.co.uk

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