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Posted on 19 September 2023 by Ceris Burns

5 key ways to maximise your digital marketing

Digital marketing… we all recognise its importance, but how can you put together an action plan for your business and what elements are most crucial for successful digital performance? Luke Quilter, co-founder and CEO of award-winning digital marketing and education agency, Sleeping Giant Media, shares these five top tips with us:

1) Your website is the central hub of marketing activity

With the growth in social media, the question “is there any point to a website?” is increasingly being asked of digital marketing experts. However, social media isn’t going to replace the business website any time soon.

Social media typically provides snippets of information, so there’s a great opportunity on your website to expand on this and provide relevant context to the questions people are asking. Focus on enhancing your website, making sure that you’re thinking about how you’re moving people from one marketing channel to another.

2) Not all marketing channels are equal

You shouldn’t be trying to do the same thing on every single marketing channel. Instead, you should be thinking about how they interact and how they behave together. By doing this, you can use them to enhance each other.

Consider each channel and where they sit in terms of your campaign and where and how you are trying to funnel information. Make sure you’re utilising each one for what they’re designed to do. Ultimately, drive people back to your website to showcase what you offer.

3) Marketing should come before digital

In other words, digital – like any other form of marketing – is about the customer. Who are they, what are they interested in and what are their pain points? It’s all too easy to jump on the latest digital marketing trend without considering its purpose to reach your end goal.

4) Avoid data overload when measuring

Start at the end. Ask yourself what’s your main goal and consider the things customers do to get there. To ensure clarity, focus on the insight that data will bring. For example, analyse average time visitors spend on your website, which is an indication of whether your content is useful, relevant, and interesting.

5) Upskill yourself on GA4

GA4 is the new way of tracking for the cookie-less world. If this is news to you, urgently upskill yourself or your team so you understand and can interpret the data.

You can hear more of Luke’s insights on digital planning and key measurement parameters by listening to episode 1 of our new podcast series, The Marcomms Heart To Heart at www.marcommshearttoheart.co.uk

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