Litter analysis by Cromwell Polythene shows a sharp rise in glass and tin, whilst 60% think strewn dog waste is due to laziness and vandalism.
Cromwell Polythene, which supplies products for the capture and containment of materials for recycling is passionate about reducing waste. As part of this commitment, it recently held a litter picking activity and is also conducting research into dog waste specifically.

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Cromwell Polythene continues to strengthen its UK recycling and manufacturing operations, to help businesses protect themselves and the environment during the pandemic.

The family-run company, which has been in operation for thirty-eight years, has seen increased demand for its range of essential products to help prevent the spread of infection. These include disposable gloves, aprons, and other PPE, as well as its range of sacks to capture clinical waste, including dressings and COVID-19 testing kits.

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