Ceris Burns International


To raise Ceris Burns International’s (CBI PR) own profile and build brand awareness in the recycling/waste industry.


CBI PR commissioned Mindlab International to undertake a detailed independent study that explored public attitudes to recycling, and what sort of messages would encourage or deter them to take part in their local schemes.

200 people completed an online test that consisted of questions regarding their current recycling behaviour and attitudes to recycling. They then viewed either positive or negative images and messages about recycling; followed by an implicit test measuring how important they felt recycling was; finishing by answering questions about their intentions to recycle in the future. The test group included a wide range of ages and professions, located across England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Following the survey CBI PR developed a best practice guide on Selling recycling to a sceptical public and Director magazine commissioned an accompanying video. Director also ran a news item in its printed magazine as well as producing an infographic and article on the Institute of Directors’ website.

A hard copy of the guide was sent out in a mailshot to key industry stakeholders and a digital version was made available on the CBI PR website.
CBI PR produced associated editorial and sold the story in to multiple publications.


The press release, best practice guide, survey and infographic generated a great deal of interest among the media and key industry influencers. Enquiries about CBI PR’s services and social media activity both significantly increased over this period.

This research will help the recycling and waste management industry to formulate positioning of their future communications campaigns. The CBI PR guide provides a number of practical ways that organisations can improve recycling at work, making it easier for employees to participate, and increasing corporate social responsibility.