Alpha Waste Solutions


Position Alpha Waste Solutions as a leading supplier of recycling products to commercial sectors across the UK. Raise the profile of Alpha Waste Solutions across cleaning, FM, waste management and recycling, local government, security and healthcare sectors.

Communications activity

Following a perceptions survey, a mixture of communication tools were adopted including trade press relations and direct mail to conduct the awareness raising campaign.  Activity initially centered around the UK’s waste management sector show RWM and pre, live-show and post-event press activity was undertaken.  This included face to face media/client introductions and interviews.  Informative editorial features were issued covering themes such as legislation, trends, security and materials sorting.  Direct mail was used as an additional means to communicate the company’s name change.


Press coverage secured over a twelve month period reached a potential audience of 440,043 with an equivalent advertising rate of £23,276. A good level of press coverage was secured, in line with expectations and budget. In addition, valuable feature coverage was secured as opposed to news snippets. A follow up perceptions study is recommended as a next stage to measure changes in perception following the profile raising activity and to measure the results of the campaign over the twelve month period.