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Posted on 19 August 2022 by Ceris Burns

OXONOX launches revolutionary hygiene solutions to keep lifts and escalators virus free

  • UK tech firm to reduce anxiety around lift and escalator use with space-age hygiene innovations

OXONOX is set to launch its revolutionary AirLift and AirStair products this autumn, helping to restore the public’s confidence in post-pandemic hygiene and playing a key part in returning vital industries, such as retail, the built environment and transport infrastructure, back to profit.

Having secured global patent rights for the world’s first use of cold plasma technology acknowledged as the next step up in performance, safety and cost over UV light – the two new products will provide reassurance to the hygiene-conscious public that busy lifts and escalators are safe in the post-lockdown world.

OXONOX AirLift has been designed to significantly reduce the risk of infection transmissibility in lift spaces, giving users the confidence to use them, as they continue to live restriction-free alongside Covid-19 and other emerging health threats. Using plasma technology, AirLift works by filling the enclosed area with totally germ-free air at a rate of 92 cubic metres per hour. This fresh air dilution process reduces contamination (from air droplets, (coughs, sneezes etc) by over 90%, according to independent studies, significantly reducing the risk of virus transmission.

OXONOX AirStair is designed for escalators and moving walkways. It sits underneath the escalator and automatically and permanently sterilises handrails, with up to a 99.999% kill rate, based on laboratory results of our plasma products. It works all day, every day, by directing plasma onto the handrail, killing germs instantly. High-energy bioactive plasma particles permeate and penetrate surfaces for complete coverage, reaching places that disinfectants and ultraviolet light cannot. This is all achieved without the use of chemicals or consumables and prevents regrowth of bacteria and viruses for up to six hours.

AirLift and AirStair products use cold plasma technology, which has a germicidal kill rate significantly greater than traditional methods, and crucially works in seconds. The extreme kill level from plasma means that any contamination remaining after sterilisation, in the air or on a surface, is so small that it may be many hours before the bacterial or viral load becomes a real threat to humans.

OXONOX products protect every minute of the day and are ‘fit and forget’ units that can be easily installed as new or retrospectively, require minimal maintenance, and provide automatic protection every second, for around £5 per day.

David Mitchell, Head of Business Development and Marketing at OXONOX, said: “We are incredibly excited to be unveiling two brand new products this Autumn. As we continue to live mask and restriction free alongside viruses like Covid-19, consumers need reassurance that the places they visit, and the surfaces they touch, are as safe as possible. We firmly believe that our AirLift and AirStair products have the potential to reverse anxiety around using lifts and escalators, giving a much-needed boost to vital sectors such as transport and retail.”

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