Whether your product or service is for equines or equestrians, or as an athlete ‘you’ are the brand, to be a success you need to stand out from the crowd. There’s a lot to consider…

You need to profile your audience, position your brand correctly, get message and medium spot on and dodge the competition. Get it wrong and you won’t achieve sales and profits or secure that hot sponsorship deal. You’ll probably lose out on precious riding time too…

So, how do you nail that killer PR and communications campaign?

Equestrian is a specialist world amass with competing brands and new international opportunities. How can you guarantee business success? Which equestrian publications should you target and how to navigate social media and digital?

Ceris Burns International’s equestrian experts focus solely on your world. It’s all we do. We exist to give you, our customer peace of mind.

We’re experts in PR and communication. We create award winning equestrian PR and communications campaigns and make it easy. We’ll manage the whole process for you. From brand development and positioning to market research, product launch and product placement to press relations and social media. Whether you need a new website or support to negotiate your next sponsorship deal, we’ve got it covered. We’re international too so we can launch you nationally or worldwide. Point your compass and we’re off!

Let us focus on your equestrian business success so you can get back to riding.


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