Leading German hotel makes IonatorEXP cleaning tool a tourist attraction

At the award-winning 4-star Grimmeblick hotel in Winterberg-Elkeringhausen, Germany, hotelier Edouard Leenaert has not only had excellent cleaning results from his Activeion ionatorEXPTM, but has found that it has become a visitor attraction too. 

The Grimmeblick is already well known for its country-themed hotel rooms, the high standards of its two restaurants and its wellness center and beauty  salon, but, since acquiring an ionator EXP to clean its many fittings and décor, has found that the hotel’s guests are treating the ionator as one of the entertainments in the hotel.

“Besides all the attention the ionator gets from customers intrigued by its futuristic look and coloured lights, we are regularly running product demonstrations” explained Leenaert. “Curious guests are constantly wanting to know more about how the ionator cleans so well and how it can kill bacteria with just ionised water,” he said.

Hotel staff even do demonstrations using olive oil on steel plates to show interested guests how quickly the ionator can break down grease and food residues.


Recently awarded the HACCP International Certificate of Food Safety as a food-safe aid to manufacturing (cleaning and sanitation), the Activeion ionator EXP™ is Europe’s first handheld tap-water ioniser – a completely chemical-free cleaning tool that ionises and converts tap water into ionised water.  The ionised water that sprays out when you squeeze the trigger has been proved to kill 99.9% of common bacteria plus the H1N1 Type A 2009 swine ‘flu virus on hard non-porous surfaces.  It also lifts all types of soil and makes it easy to wipe away, leaving surfaces in hotel kitchens, restaurants, serving areas and washrooms sparkling clean and safe.

Green success story

Hotel Grimmeblick values environmental sustainability, and is proud of being a climate-neutral establishment. The hotel has received a CO2 footprint certificate from the viabono.de platform, Klima Hotels, a professional organisation known in Germany for its “enjoy natural travelling” theme and nature and climate-control initiatives.  Hotel Grimmeblick is currently one of only eight German hotels with this certificate – the only one in its local region.

“Clearly, the ionator makes sense for us. We use it to clean fat from our kitchen surfaces, our ovens, restaurant tables, daily dirt and build-up in guest rooms and washrooms, and around our hotel. We are proud to share the news with our guests that we are cleaning for them, without chemicals,” says Leenaert.

The owner continued with an example of how the ionator has simplified cleaning in the hotel and reduced hotel cleaning costs.

“We used to have to wash all our restaurant dishes several times to get residues from potatoes, flour and other food off both sides of the plates and serving dishes, followed by additional rinsing and cleaning.  In fact, many hotels use strong chemical dips to do this effectively.  Now, with the ionator, we just spray away the starch build-up, then wash the dishes normally.”

The Hotel Grimmeblick boasts several certificates and awards, from the well-known ServiceQualität Deutschland seal, and Die beliebtesten Hotels Deutschlands (Germany’s favorite hotels) for its third straight year, to WIMAFO recognition for service and guest-friendliness.

The IonatorEXP costs £234 plus VAT and carriage.  More information from www.activeion.co.uk.


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