Celebrating 50 years of innovation

‘Return on Innovation’ with Denis Rawlins

To mark its 50th anniversary, Denis Rawlins will be sharing its ‘Return on Innovation’ philosophy at The Cleaning Show 2019. Visitors to stand G21 can learn how to revolutionise their commercial cleaning processes, by working smarter to return better results for less money, time, effort and risk.

The cleaning consultant and equipment supplier will be showcasing its innovative product range, including:

• SpaceVac, which makes it easy for workers at ground level to clean high-level areas thoroughly and safely.
• REN™ Clean, a simple yet highly effective manual cleaning system for escalators.
• MotorScrubber JET, a hand-held, portable and lightweight scrubber, which can assist with daily cleaning and reduce the amount of chemicals needed.
• Litterbug, a range of industrial sweepers, designed for maximum pick-up, ease of use and great productivity.