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Now you see me…

Social media is often viewed as a transient thing with posts disappearing into the ether never to be seen again and platforms often reported to be on the way out as new, fresher, rivals emerge on the scene.

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Building Bridges not walls

Building bridges not walls

Regardless of the field of PR and communications you work in, it can take months and years to build good working relationships with the media, based on mutual trust and respect. However it can take moments to destroy this dynamic; just look at the speed with which the White House press secretary demolished the previous […]

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Tailoring content that B2B editors want

Whether you want to contribute to the latest waste management debate in the recycling press, highlight your latest innovation in cleaning magazines, or gain coverage in any of the myriad of other specialists, tailoring content that editors want takes time and effort. From facilities management to construction, renewable energy and much more besides, the trade […]

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Social media: seeing the full picture

It’s our 10th anniversary year here at Ceris Burns International, and a lot has happened in the past decade. It’s a good time to reflect on some of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the PR world since we began operations, with the most far-reaching being the meteoric rise of social media as a PR […]

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